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If you’re here reading about why you should play at a live casino then there’s a good chance that you’re already thinking you want to play at one and want nothing more than a nudge in the right direction to make it happen.

We’re not here to judge though and we’ll happily tell you about all the many reasons as to why you should be playing in these delightful games just like we are!

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The first reason we have as to why you should be playing at a live casino is that they’re awesome as you can interact with real dealers! There’s no experience out there right now quite like it and this thrilling experience is what keeps us coming back time and time again.

You could list off a whole bunch of reasons as to why we should play at a live casino however if we didn’t find the games engaging and fun then they would be meaningless which is why we thought the first thing you should hear is they’re incredibly fun to play at.

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What makes them so fun for us is how engaging they are. Playing at a live casino is a truly interactive experience where you’ll actually get to talk to the dealer you’re playing with and hear all the sounds that are going on around you just like you would in an actual casino.

If you’re looking for the same experience your local casino can offer you except with a whole bunch of added perks thrown in then you’ve found it with live casinos! Play now and get £200 welcome cash offers!

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When it comes to the actual perks of playing at a live casino there’s maybe too many of them for us to go through but we can certainly list off the main ones that we’re sure will get you jumping at the chance to play in these games. Number one on this list is the freedom you get when you decide you’ll play at a live casino.

When you realise you’re getting the same engaging experience at a live casino as you are from your local one you begin to ask yourself why you are wasting so much time, money, and effort travelling down there and back when you can get the same experience at home!

This is a time that can be spent getting some much-needed rest, playing more games, or spending a little extra time with the family. When you throw in the fact you save money on transport costs and the hassle as well it becomes a bit of a no-brainer that Live casinos are the way forward.

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Time saved is certainly one thing you get from a live casino but so is time earned which is not something we’d imagine all of you would have thought about.

When we first started playing live games through our mobile phones we started to realise we never really had a boring moment again! Whenever a friend was late for a meet up we’d just whip out our phone and play a few games, if we were sat in the doctor’s office waiting our turn once again the games were out.

When we were on the loo we put down the shampoo bottle and brought out the games instead! Life got a whole lot better for us from then on out and we’re sure it can have a similar effect for you too! Get your £5 free 1st deposit bonus today!

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The second reason why you want to be playing at a live casino is it opens up a whole other world of games for you to try out. It was actually at a live casino that we discovered our favourite game yet – double up Blackjack! We couldn’t believe how many tables each live casino had with some having as much as 40 tables on offer at once.

Including all the main games and their variations as well as some of the games we’d only seen on tv like Baccarat, Craps, and even some of the games we hadn’t seen anywhere before such as Sic Bo!

If you enjoy the current crop of games you’ve been playing at your local casino then we’re sure you’re going to love a good handful of these games you’ve yet to experience or even more which will add endless hours of fun and excitement into your gaming life!

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The final advantage we’ve got for playing at a live casino is also the best for many and that’s the bonuses! We’re pretty sure there’s no industry in the world that is able to offer its customers deals as great as the online casino industry.

This industry is able to offer its players as even the casual player will see themselves having up to £1,000 or more worth of bonuses heading their way each and every year. That’s a whole lot more time you’ll be getting at the tables and it that’s a much bigger chance you’ll be having of striking it rich at one of these games!

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We really could go on and on about all these fantastic bonuses however we will tell you about just one now and let you look at the rest in store on our bonuses page if you so wish. The bonus we want to talk about is the no deposit bonus as this is the perfect bonus for any player starting out in the live casino world for the first time.

The reason that these bonuses are so good is it requires nothing from you the player as it’s a try before you buy sort of deal. You’ll be given a free £5 1st deposit bonus to learn the ropes of a site and see if you like it – maybe even win a bit of cash in the process, and in return the casino gets a chance to show off their stuff and convince you that they’re a place you want to play at, and if you don’t you can walk away with no strings attached!

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There really is nothing but great things to say about live casinos as they have everything a player could want with quality games and the freedom to play where and when you want leading the way! Join us at Mail Casino now!

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