Now a day, video slots with varying themes and interesting storylines have taken the online gaming industry by storm. However, the ever increasing popularity of these online slots has not been able to dent the fame and demand for the all-time classic casino games. You can find so many varieties of best online Blackjack game at online sites. Blackjack 3 is one such variant of the classic game of cards in which the players can play with up to 3 hands simultaneously.

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NetEnt has been creating online casino games since 1996 and is one of the first developers to provide a variety of games to the online gaming operators.This best online Blackjack game is also developed by the company. Get a glimpse of online heaven!

About the Game


Best online Blackjack Game

The players will play this best online Blackjack game with 6 standard card decks. Before the start of each round, the cards will be shuffled. The players are given a choice to play using either 1, or 2, or all three hands at the same time. It is quite obvious that the players playing with more hands will have a better chance of winning in this best online Blackjack game.


The dealer will deal the cards after you have fixed the bet for all the hands that you are playing with. You would receive two face-up cards on each of the hand you are playing on. The dealer will also take two cards for himself but only one of the card will be revealed to you. The other card is taken face-down by the dealer.


You would want to be as close to 21 points as possible but without ever exceeding it. It will be a bust for you if your hand gathers more than 21 points making the dealer win the round. You can decide which option from Stand, Hit, Split or Double you want to take after analysing your and the dealer’s open cards.


The key features of this best online Blackjack game are:

  • Last ten hands of the dealer can be viewed at the top right side.
  • You can ask for Even Money if you have a Blackjack and dealer’s open card is A
  • Info icon is given at the bottom left side.


online Blackjack real money

This best online Blackjack game is an extremely easy game to follow as it is based on the traditional Blackjack, the only difference being that here you can play with 3 hands at once.

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