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Roulette is an exceptionally easy game to follow that also grants huge rewards. Probably that is the reason that it remains a top favorite among new gamers as well as high rollers. Christmas Roulette best Roulette pay by phone brings the festivities associated with the biggest festival of the year along with high rewards of the Roulette. This best Roulette pay by phone variant uses the rules and regulations of classic Roulette although with the Christmas ambience.

Christmas Roulette Best Roulette Pay by Phone

About the Developer of this Roulette Game

NetEnt is known to develop online casino games that boast of amazing graphics and excellence. They have been developing casino software for last 20 years and continue to develop great quality games for various internet gaming operators. This best Roulette pay by phone game is another live casino game from the company. Join charming players now!

About Christmas Roulette Best Roulette Pay by Phone

Christmas Roulette Best Roulette Pay by Phone

This Christmas Roulette Best Roulette Pay by Phone variant was presented by NetEnt before last Christmas as a celebratory exclusive. The live studio is decorated with all the beautiful décor that is seen around the big festival. Least to say the entire live dealer area looks magical with colorful and vibrant festive décor. You are welcomed by a live dealer who is also dressed in festive clothes.

This best Roulette pay by phone game is an engaging game that will keep you coming back for more and more. The game is played using the same rules and gameplay that is used for playing the classic Roulette. Quite simply it is a game which is based on luck only. You decide where you want to place your bet, and then just pray that the Roulette wheel stops at the place picked by you to grant you the payout. You don’t need to use any strategy or skills in order to win here. Simply place your bet on a number or a color or any other combination, then just sit back and let the Roulette wheel spin. The live dealer spins the ball on the Roulette wheel and when it stops on a slot, the winning number is revealed.

The players can decide which type of bet they want to go with. Straight for one number only, Split for two consecutive numbers, Street for three adjacent numbers, Corner for 4 numbers in four corners, and Column for 4 numbers in a column.

Summary - Christmas Roulette 

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This best Roulette pay by phone game is presented in a cheerful and festive environment and also carries the same benefits of playing Roulette.

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