The popularity and simplicity of the classic Roulette are the two main reasons for its ever-increasing demand. And where is demand, there is supply. So you will find plenty of variations of it at various online casinos. Golden Ball Roulette is a variation of the classic from NetEnt. However, this online Roulette instant win variant is highly interactive and lets you interact with dealer several times during the game.

Golden Ball Roulette

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This online Roulette instant win game is one of latest live dealer game from the developing house of online gaming giant NetEnt. The company came into being twenty years back and has developed more than 200 casino games. Play a life changing game!

About the Game

Online Roulette Instant Win

You will be interacting with the dealer in this online Roulette instant win variant to tell him to release the ball every twenty spins. In order to be a Golden Ball winner, you need to have highest bet amount in total for twenty successive spins. The dealer can configure many options like tournament duration, turnover needed by rank, till four ranks, and also the amount of the reward for every rank. Either a specific amount or a percentage of the bet placed by the player can be given as the Golden Ball winner reward.

After picking a Golden Ball table, you need to place the bet. The player is selected and given the Golden Ball button. All other players will have the standard view and gameplay. The dealer will spin the ball when the player with Golden Ball button lets him to. After the ball stops, all the players will be told about the winning number. An animated panel with instructions makes the gameplay simpler for the Golden Ball player. The player has to let the dealer know within 10 seconds when to spin the ball.

This online Roulette instant win game also comes with a jackpot reward. It is visible in the lobby of the game. The jackpot event countdown will let you know when the event will take place. The top 3 winners with their scores are shown on a leaderboard after the event.

The key features of this online Roulette instant win game are:

  1. Roulette in tournament style
  2. Rewards are decided by the dealers
  3. Interactive game with X-mode function
  4. Huge jackpot event
  5. Racetrack bet facility

Golden Ball Roulette


The best part about this online Roulette instant win game is the ability to interact with the dealer and get awarded huge prizes too.

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