Join The Taco Brothers Slots On Their Valiant Rescue Quest At Mail Casino

Set in the times of 1880 in Santa Maria of Mexico, Taco Brothers, one of the leading mobile slots designed by ELK Studios, is a great soother to gamblers with a semi-classic palate.

Join the Taco Brothers in their taco rescue quest against Captain Diaz at Mail Casino and have fun treading along in their journey to set the captured Tacos free, and save the town in despair. So get on board and explore.

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Taco Brothers Slot

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Taco Brothers – The Storyline

The story revolves around the Santa Maria village of Mexico, despaired by the ruthless attack by Captain Diaz taking all of their free tacos. The three brothers called the Taco Brothers come to their rescue to their relief and are now all set to get back the stolen Tacos.

Paso, Pepe, and Pico, the three brothers set on their mission to save the Mexican town and bring back the taco filled joy and harmony, move forward being unafraid and with all jest and courage to restore the peace among people; indeed an amazing mobile Slot with a nice storyline.

A Slot on their quest to beat Captain Diaz in his evil tendencies, Taco Brothers has all the ingredients needed for a thrilling journey to an adventurous fulfilment.

Taco Brothers Slot At Our Site

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Distinctly created to suit mobile users, ELK launched it in September 2015. It has 5 reels and 240 paylines. It has gained much popularity and is one of the widely played mobile slots all over the world.

It uses various symbols divided into special, safe and regular categories. The special ones include Captain Diaz, Senorita (Captain’s daughter) – the flirtatious lady, the Golden Bell and the Running Wilds.  The safe symbols trigger wild escape while the regular ones include Guitar, Tequila, Paso, Pepe, Pico, Spade, and Cacti.

There are three gaming strategies to the game – Jumper, Leveller, and Booster; so just choose any and no need of manual calibration of betting settings. You’ll have free spins appearing on the reels too, and any win for a free spin wins you extra gold falling on the reels.  

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Taco Brothers, the stunner of mobile slots with its exceptional storyline awaits you to be ventured into it. Come, play and help the Taco Brothers restore their land of the captured pesos and tacos.

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