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As is evident from the name, Live Blackjack Standard High Roller is the game for high rollers who like to bet high. You will enjoy the atmosphere of the live casino along with a live dealer and other players.

Live Blackjack Standard High Roller

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Founded in 1996, NetEnt is one of the most successful casino software developer based in Sweden. The company was one of the first that has developed over 250 casino games. This real money live dealer Blackjack is another variant of the classic game developed by them especially for high rollers. Play with opponents all over the world!

About the Game

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Similar to the standard live Blackjack, this real money live dealer Blackjack is also played using the standard European rules. There is no difference between standard live Blackjack and this one except that it especially caters to the high rollers. This real money live dealer Blackjack lets the players bet much higher than the standard one. The players can play directly against the dealer. You are also allowed to customise the deal time. The video quality of the game can also be adjusted as per the internet connection you are using. You also do not need to download the game and can play it directly from the Internet browser of your smartphone or tablet.

The rules are simple and easy to understand as there’s no change from the classic European Blackjack. You just have to place the bet in order to receive cards from the dealer. You must beat the dealer by scoring more than him but without having more than 21 points.

The key features of the real money live dealer Blackjack include:

  • An excellent choice for experienced and professional players who want to bet high. The higher the bet, the higher the returns are provided you have the right combination of game strategy and luck.
  • The payouts are much higher than the standard live Blackjack as the bets are also high.
  • A great view is provided with many cameras using X-mode feature.
  • Classic Blackjack rules are being followed here to give a fair advantage to the players who have some sort of knowledge of playing this game.
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This real money live dealer Blackjack boasts of one of the lowest house edges. In order to improve your chances of winning you will need to use your skills as well as your knowledge of the game.

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