If you want to see what the wonderful world of live casinos has to offer you then you really don’t have to look any further than live Baccarat which is one of our personal favourites and a game that most people don’t get the opportunity to play. Land based casinos are normally quite packed for space which is a shame as it means Baccarat needs to take a backseat for extra Roulette and Blackjack tables however not with live casinos as space is far less of an issue!

Playing live Baccarat online

If like us when you first started looking at live casinos the only experience you had of Baccarat was from the rare scenes it played in movies such as Goldeneye then you won’t really know too much about it except that it’s a point scoring game. In fact the value of the cards in Baccarat are the exact same as they are in Blackjack it’s only how many cards you get and how you add up the totals that are different.

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The highest score possible in live Baccarat is 9 and that’s because when you add up the value of all your cards you only take the final digit to be your final score. This means if you have cards that total up to 15 then your final score would be 5, and similarly if your cards all add up to 19 then your final score would be 9.

In Baccarat the game is played between the dealer and the player with the highest score at the end coming out as the winner. Unlike Blackjack, there are no moves to be made in Baccarat as the game plays itself out and this is great because it allows you to not only bet on yourself to win the hand, but also on the outcome to result in a draw or the dealer to come out on top.

When you’ve made your bet the game will start with both the player and the dealer being dealt two face up cards each and having their scores taken. At this point if either the dealer or player has 8 or 9 then it’s a quick game as the game is over with the highest score taking the prize!

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More commonly though, neither party will have such a score yet and so the player will then take another card and have their new score totalled. The dealer may or may not then take another card as this depends entirely up to what the player has and what the dealer has – it’s not a choice. There is a chart telling you whether or not they should be taking a card so you don’t need to stress out on remembering anything and the dealer will play out the hand for you so you can just relax and watch the cards come in. After this the game comes to an end.

If you were lucky enough to come out on top(and by that we mean whether or not you backed the winner) your winnings will then be added to your account as the next game is set up.

The easy part is actually doing the playing part at a live casino as it requires no more than 2 clicks from start to finish in order to play. The first click is to pick up the chip you’d like at the side of the table on the screen and the second click is on which betting box you’d like to wager your bet!

We really love live Baccarat as it’s both simple and exciting and if you’re new to the live casino scene we think it would be an easy game for you to pick up!

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