If we said “live casino games” we’re reasonable sure the first game that would pop into your head is Blackjack and that’s because it’s been the top dog in this scene for quite a long time now – which is pretty impressive when you think how many games there are out there competing for that title! We can’t say we’re too surprised either though as like everyone else we love the game of Blackjack and even played it growing up with the family at home!

Play Live Blackjack casino games online

That made the transition to casino games all the more easier for us as we already knew how to play one of the games and it gave us a bit of a soft spot for the game too. And while the jump from home to casino was a pretty big step for us a new jump has come that takes us back from the casino and into the home thanks to live Blackjack which is the most exciting way to play the game yet!

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While you’re sat at home loading up your live casino a camera will be taking your place in the casino projecting each and every live Blackjack game there for your viewing pleasure allowing you to see every little thing that’s going on around you and letting you hear every little thing too.

Live Blackjack lets you cut out the hassle of travelling to and from your local casino saving you both time and money yet it doesn’t take away from any of the excitement or personal touch as  you’ll still be able to chat along with the dealer as you play instead of just staring at them on a screen.

When you load up the live casino lobby you’ll be met with all the various live Blackjack games that are available that day and classic Blackjack is just one of them. In fact, since we started playing at live casinos we started to try out all the little variations of the game Blackjack had to offer and our favourite of the bunch is double up Blackjack so we’re incredibly happy that we ended up playing here as we managed to discover our new favourite game and with how many games there are you might also find the same.

Either way when you click on the table you like to the look of the livestream of that table will appear on your feed showing you the dealer, the table, your chips, and a deck of cards. The deck of cards used in live Blackjack is around 4-5 times bigger than your typical deck of cards and this is so that even mobile players will be able to see every card without any hassle!

When you’ve got over the weirdness of the deck and want to start betting you can do so effortlessly by clicking once on the chip you’d like to bet without the stack you’ve been presented, and then once more in which of the many betting boxes you’d like to play in. Then when the action gets around to you you’ll be asked to click on the option you like the most whether that’s take a card, stick, split, or double down.

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Then once the rest of the hand plays out all winners will immediately see their winnings added to their account and ready for the next round of betting. Live Blackjack has a couple of buttons to help you out from clearing all the chips off the table to doubling the bets you’ve already made so your only focus needs to be on having a fun time and enjoying the games that you’re playing!