Nowadays we can’t think of anything better to do on a Sunday afternoon than sit back, relax, and fire up our favourite live casino site and join in on all the action packed fun they have to offer – and if this sounds like it might be something you’d enjoy too then you’ve come to the right place as we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about them from how they look to how to play them and everything inbetween!

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To get things started we’re going to begin with a little history lesson. Many of you reading this right now may believe that live casinos have been around for quite a long time and you’re a little late to the party but that’s not really the case. It’s true live casinos have been around for a long time now but not as we know them today. Back when they were first launched a live casino would only give players the choice of 1 table which was Blackjack and if you wanted something else you were straight up out of luck. Not only that but internet speeds 5+ years ago were nothing at all to write home about and this caused a lot of issues with lag and the sound being out of sync which in the end didn’t create all that desirable a location for players to play.

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That was the past though and nowadays when you take a look at a live casino it’s like looking at a painting by Leonardo da Vinci rather than one painted by your 5 year old kid! The main factor that has caused such a revolutionary change to the industry is simply due to the advancements in technology which now mean live casinos can offer games that come with high definition graphics, pitch perfect sound, and no lag on their streams either!

These improvements have seen the live casino industry explode in popularity over the last few years and has now meant that they offer players the choice of more games and tables than ever before! In fact, nowadays around 50% of players at online and mobile casinos are choosing to do their gaming via live casinos and that number is only increasing which should go a long way in telling you about the quality they provide.

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If nobody’s come along to tell you all about the advantages that playing at a live casino site brings then we’d encourage you to strap yourself in for this next bit as we’re sure we’re about to blow you away! The first advantage to playing at a live casino site is obviously the freedom that comes from being able to choose a time and a place that’s convenient for you. Not only do you get to save all that wasted time travelling to and from a land based casino every week(and that’s if one’s close enough by) but now you also get the opportunity to turn those boring times you have each and every week into action packed ones instead. The only thing that limits when and where you can play at a live casino is your internet connection which is seemingly everywhere nowadays so there’s as good as no restrictions on when you can play.

The second advantage is just as juicy as the first in our view and that’s the game selection you get. Given that every live casino site imaginable is just a few clicks away this means you’ve got your choice of pretty much any table game around to play. Of course this will include all the mainstays of the casino world such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker but it also ventures out into all the many variations those games too be it European or American Roulette. There’s also the choice of those unusual casino games you’ve heard of but won’t often find down your local such as Baccarat and Craps and even the game of Sic Bo which is normally played out East but has been making its way into the Western world too. With so many games to choose from you’ll find yourself never getting bored while at a live casino site again!

The final advantage that comes from playing at a live casino site is that when you sign up you get some pretty crazy bonuses in the process. A lot of these will be from no deposit bonuses where you get a bunch of free bets to get you started, many of them will come as real cash bonuses where the more you deposit the more money you’re going to be given to play with, and some of them will even come in the form of raffle tickets to 5 star holiday experiences. There really is a never ending series of bonuses and promotions when you play at a live casino and we’re not exaggerating when we say they can equal thousands of pounds or more each year, and to some of you perhaps even each month!

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With all this said we should probably give you a quick rundown on how the gameplay of a live casino site works which is actually relatively straightforward and intuitive to do so it won’t actually take us very long. To start things off when you’re in the lobby of a live casino you’ll be met with a screen that has all the available tables for you to play. There’s search features here which will help you find what you’re looking for and when you have simply click on the table to start the live stream.

On the screen you’ll see a livestream of the table as well as virtual tools around the screen such as virtual chips and betting buttons to help you out. Betting in this game takes no more than clicking on a chip and then clicking once more on the betting table wherever you’d like to place it….be that a number on the Roulette table or a betting box at the Blackjack table. If ever’s there’s a time where a decision needs to be made your options will appear on the screen and you just click the one you want to do. Take a look here for more info on great slots online!

There’s no more that needs to be said than this as live casinos have been made so easy to use we dare say a toddler could probably figure out. So armed with this knowledge we hope you feel more than confident to venture out into one and if you’re still a little unsure you can always take a site up on it’s no deposit bonus and try it all out for free!

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