One of the most surprising facts for us was when we discovered that the casinos themselves weren’t actually the providers for the games for their sites – instead they rent them off a separate company whose sole job it is to build exciting games. For some reason we just thought the casinos themselves would be the hosts of their own games but when we actually have a proper think about it all it makes a lot of sense as to why they aren’t.

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Live casinos are just a small part of a casino as a whole and there’s a whole lot of cogs working at once to make everything tick over just right. Having the casino themselves build the games would just be one extra ball to juggle and it may come at the cost of quality games. It does make sense that there would be a separate company dedicated to the games when you think about it as they will be able to spend all their time and resources on making the games as exciting as possible which is all we really after to be honest!

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Not only that but having many live casino software developers means there will be plenty of competition across the board and competition is what normally causes advancements in many fields and the live casino industry is no exception! Not only that but having separate software providers means live casinos are able to offer a wide variety of games on their site which should cater to the needs of most if not all types of players rather than going with just the one and hoping for the best.

So as we’ve been leading up to there is a lot more than just one or two software providers offering live casinos games for the many casinos who need them however rather than telling you about each and every one we’ll give you a rundown on what we think are the three best out the bunch. These three should meet the needs of anyone who read this and our advice would be to stick to just these three for now. That’s not to say the others are bad but this is still a new industry in general and a lot of places are still working out the kinks.

The first live casino software provider on our list is NetEnt who are arguably the biggest name in the online casino industry – certainly as far as developers go anyway. There’s no gaming developer out there right now that has more games in casinos across the world than NetEnt does with over a third of sites opting for their stuff… which is rather impressive to say the least!

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The live casino software that NetEnt offers players is just as impressive in our view especially if you’re a new player on the scene as it’s you NetEnt had in mind when they designed it all. One of NetEnt’s clear goals was to make things easy to use and that’s just what they’ve done with some remarkably intuitive software that sees you making bets and moving chips with natural movements that will come as second nature to you.

NetEnt can also boast the fact they offer their games in 25 unique languages and currencies which means anyone is welcome to play regardless of what your background is. NetEnt does seem to excel in near enough every area and if you’re new to the scene they would be our recommendation!

If you’ve come to the live casino industry because you’re looking for adventure and to play some games you’ve never had the pleasure of trying before then perhaps NetEnt isn’t the place for you and it should be Microgaming instead. If there’s one thing that Microgaming has over all other places it’s choice. NetEnt certainly has a lot of choice but Microgaming should be the first stop on your list if you’re looking for some of the more obscure games such as Baccarat or even Sic Bo.

There are some downsides to Microgaming namely that they only offer the games in the English language, however the games they do offer are still packed with quality so it’s a reasonable tradeoff.

The final live casino software provider we’d suggest you take a look at is Playtech who we’d have to describe as the luxury brand for the luxury gamer. Playtech have made a very good name for themselves in the industry largely because they’re known for delivering blockbuster game after blockbuster game to the masses which is helped in part thanks to their ties with major film studios around the world!

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There are some drawbacks to Playtech though which is largely that the game selection could be a bit wider however the quality of games is certainly one thing they don’t lack in – especially their VIP tables.

It’s the VIP tables in particular we’d suggest you try out as there’s few if any tables better than them right now. These games come with some added privacy and a lower player to dealer ratio which is why they’re for VIP’s however you do have to play for a little bit higher than typical so it may not be for everyone. All the same if you don’t mind splashing the cash then here’s where you want to be.

Overall we’d have to say you couldn’t really go wrong by picking any one of these three live casino software developers as for us they are the best in the business right now. If this is your first venture into the live casino world then we’d suggest you play it safe and start with NetEnt, then if you’re feeling a little more confident and want to explore some new game types then Microgaming should be the next stop on your list. Then, if you want to try the finer things of life then a stop over at a Playtech live casino would give you just that to see if it’s the life for you!

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