Whether or not you walk away with a massive win at your chosen live casino you’ll want to know just how to get your money off the site in case of such an event. Fortunately live casinos nowadays have no shortage of methods for you to use depending on your needs so actually getting your money off a site doesn’t need to be a concern.

Withdrawing from a live online casino

 So without giving you too much of a speech we’ll just get right into it so you can get back to doing the important stuff – winning at the games! The first option on our list today is what you’ll largely use when you hit a super duper score and that’s a direct wire transfer. Withdrawals through this method normally take around 5 days to process which is why we wouldn’t recommend it for your day to day withdrawals and only for when you’ve struck it rich.

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A more preferable option in our opinion would be to make a withdrawal through your Visa credit or debit card for your typical withdrawals instead. You do need a Visa card to use this method and the process is very similar to that of a bank wire transfer just done through your card instead. The big advantage to using this method is that it only takes 3 days to process instead of 5 so if given the choice we’d always choose this one out of the two!

If you’re the type of player who doesn’t like to keep all their funds on the one site and likes to play at different places then our suggestion to you would be to use an E-wallet service such as Neteller, Paypal, or Skrill! To create an account at one of these places only takes a few minutes and they do have a pretty distinct advantage over the other two methods previously stated. Speed! E-wallets tend to process withdrawals a bit faster than any other form of online banking which means you can move your money around various sites a lot quicker. You also get the added benefit that you don’t need to keep putting all your details onto the various sites just your email and password instead.

If you’re looking to avoid any form of online banking if you can then Paysafecard is still an option for you especially if you’d like to purchase things online. Similar to depositing by Paysafecard – when you withdraw via Paysafecard you’ll be given a code with your money on it that you can use to spend at any place which offers Paysafecard  as an option which is most online stores nowadays with the last few stragglers slowly following suit.

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There are two ways you can skip the online thing altogether if that’s not your cup of tea with the first of those being through Western Union. If you don’t know what Western Union is it’s a money shop that you’ll find on most major high streets nowadays. Not every site offers this option but if they do you’ll be given a code to take down to any Western Union to exchange for cash. There can be some pretty large fees associated with this method so it’s not one we’d recommend unless you really want the cash fast.

The final withdrawal option we have for you today is just a good old fashioned check which a site will send out to you on request which you can then cash at your local bank!

We’ve used many of these methods during our time playing at live casinos and they all have their own uses depending on your situation. They are all however safe and easy to use so we’d suggest only letting convenience and needs be the deciding factors in your decision!

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