If you’ve been hearing all the buzz surrounding live casinos but don’t actually know what they are then you’re in luck as we’re here to give you everything you need to know in order to get started on your journey. For many, live casinos are the only way you need to do your gaming as they’ve managed to take the best parts of all the other casinos and turn them into one engaging medium!

All you need to know about live casinos

But first things first though and we should probably tell you what a live casino is as that’s what you’re actually looking to find out. Well, essentially it is the fusion of a land based casino with either an online or mobile one. You play at a live casino either through your mobile, laptop, tablet, or PC and for a lot of the time it’s the exact same as an online or mobile casino. The difference is when you get to the games as these feel as real and as lifelike as any casino you’ve stepped foot in before.

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A live casino will be beaming you actual games from inside a real life casino where you’ll get to play and talk with dealers who play out your games and you’ll get to hear all the hustle and bustle of the crowd and feel the energy of this vibrant places!

There is in fact no players inside of a live casino and in their place is a state of the art camera which will be providing you with a livestream of the dealer and the game where everything you see on your screen will be happening in real time! The graphics here are fully HD and absolutely crystal clear and the sound systems pick up everything clearly which means you’ll never be left asking what the dealer just said! And thanks to the improvements in internet speeds over the last few years you’ll never run into any issues with lag either which is what really allows you to lose yourself in these games!

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Playing at a live casino is a truly immersive experience like no other and this experience is just one of many advantages you get to playing at one however it is the glue that holds it all together for sure!

The next big highlight you’re going to feel from playing at a live casino is the added freedom and flexibility in choosing when you get to play. Now you won’t have to work off anyone’s schedule but your own as no matter where you are you’ll only be a few clicks away from pure bliss. At first we only thought this would be great for us because we didn’t need to waste so much time getting to the casino but it didn’t take long before we discovered it was so much better than that.

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For starters we didn’t need to waste any money on fuel getting to the casino and back but even better than this was the fact was we could now whip out our phone and start playing when we were on out lunch break, waiting for our late friend to show up(again), or even when we were soaked up in the bath enjoying ourselves. The possibilities were endless and we haven’t looked back since!

The next advantage a live casino was able to bring us was certainly one we didn’t think about and it’s changed our gaming experience easily for the better. We’re talking about the selection of games you have at your disposal which now pretty much includes everything and anything you can think of. When we first started going to casinos we only really played classic Blackjack and Roulette however once we turned our attention to live casino we noticed there were a lot more games for us to try out and so we did. This is how we found double up Blackjack which is by far and away our favourite casino game and one which we’ll play almost every time we log in. Not only that but we got to experience games like Craps, Baccarat, and Sic Bo and discovered we really enjoyed them as well. So if it happened for us we’re sure there’s going to be a few games you have played that you’ll really enjoy too!

There is one final advantage to playing at a live casino however having it as a section of an article is never enough as it needs its own article for its wonders to be fully explained. We’re talking about the bonuses of course which will easily earn you thousands of pounds each year simply for choosing a live casino as your place to play. If you can we’d suggest you start with a no deposit bonus as they’re free to claim and they give you a bit of money to play around with before you get started which lets you learn all the mechanics of it with none of the stress.

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As you can see we seem to be head over heels in love with live casinos and we truly are as they give us the perfect opportunity to play our favourite live casino games with the same personal touch and engaging experience we crave but from the comforts of our own home. If the experience itself wasn’t so good we probably wouldn’t even care about any of the other advantages live casinos hold however it is a truly engaging experience that we think anyone who pops over to give it a try will really enjoy. And remember – if you’re unsure about whether or not it sounds fun or you’ll be able to work it you can always claim a no deposit bonus to try before you buy so to speak with no stress!


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