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Online roulette is an amazing game you can play at It is very easy to master, and the rewards are mind-blowing. Just join our service and lay back to enjoy the world of the best UK roulette and win real money.

We provide a safe and secure environment to you for complete peace of mind.

How to Play Real Money Online Roulette UK

The game of Roulette involves a roulette wheel, gaming chips, a ball and the betting table. The wheel is the one with different numbers and colours on which the bets are placed. The white ball is then rotated on the wheel in the opposite direction and when the number it stops on is the winner. The gaming chips represent the bets you place on the betting table. With us, you can play the online roulette for real money!

Rules of Roulette and Live Game Play at Mail Casino

Roulette is a simple game to understand and excel at. You just need to keep in mind a few rules and steps, and you are ready to play!

  • After buying the chips, you have to place the amount you want to bet on the particular number or a group of numbers, on the betting table.
  • Wait for others to place their bets.
  • Once everybody has placed their bets, the wheel will be spun in one direction and the ball in the other.
  • While the wheel is rotating, you are allowed to change your bets and numbers, if you desire.
  • Then the wheel starts to lose momentum, and the ball starts to come to a halt.
  • When the wheel completely stops, it will be pointing to a particular number which is declared the final winner.
  • The winning bets on the betting table are then given their rewards, while the losing ones are taken off the grid.
  • As you are playing online, all this is done in a secure and foolproof way by our software.

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The earliest Roulette ever played was in Monte Carlo. Since then it has evolved into different types, and all of them have been quite popular among the online roulette players. We at MailCasino offer you the best online roulette UK experience, where you can choose between American, French, European or the Classic versions.

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All our customers can avail the all-new welcome rewards. We offer you to join and get 100% cash match as a welcome bonus on your first real money deposit up to a whopping 200 Pounds! Not only this, before you actually start playing, you can enjoy a free roulette demo first and get used to the nuances of the game. Apart from all these, we will also throw in a no deposit roulette game, just for you!

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Enjoy the craze of the world of online roulette and win big, real money. We also offer additional rewards, packages, and amazing prizes. And if you are worried about payment options, we assure you that your deposits are 100% safe with us. All you have to care about is playing the game and have as much fun as you want! Play with us and get £200 in welcome deals now!

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