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UK Roulette is a very simple but amazing game you can play online at MailCasino in 3D! Roulette consists of a small wheel that is spun around, and a bet is made on a particular number or a group of numbers.

Certainly a very simple and extremely easy to master, it is quite popular among the online players who love live roulette online.

What Is UK Roulette Gaming at Mail Casino?

Roulette is derived from the French word which means small wheel. The game itself comprises of a small rotating wheel with different coloured numbers all across its circumference. As the wheel is rotated, a ball is spun in the opposite direction, and then bets are placed. If the ball ends up stopping over the number or one of the numbers which were bet upon, the person wins. Play at Mail Casino with £200 in offers today!

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What Are Its Variants?

There are three main types of roulettes played in live roulette UK, namely:

  • American Roulette – In this version, there are two zeros on the wheel one 0 and another 00. This was done specifically to increase the odds of the casino to win.
  • French Roulette – It is the original version of roulette that began in Monte Carlo. It is the one with just one zero, unlike its American counterpart. Its rules are a bit different than any other type of roulette, and the bets are placed in French. The design of French Roulette is also unique in itself.
  • European Roulette – This one is very much like the American roulette in pretty much every sense except that like in French Roulette it has only one zero on the wheel. This gives the player a chance of winning more.

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What Are The Types Of UK Roulette Bets?

There is a variety of bets that can be placed in online roulette. But to be specific enough, we can divide them into two broad categories:

  • Inside Bets – With sub-types like Straight up bet on a single number, Split bet on two different numbers, a Corner or Square bet is in which the bet is placed on the four numbers in a corner, and so on, they are pretty easy to learn and are quite popular among the online players.
  • Outside Bets – Its subtypes include Red or Black, Even or Odd, bets on numbers one till 18 or the number 1 till 36. In outside bets, you can even get a chance to select the numbers in an entire vertical column.

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Where Can You Play Roulette?

Online roulette can be played on our website, both on a desktop as well as mobile phone. All of our games including Premium Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette, European Roulette and European Roulette Gold are mobile friendly. So next you want to have some fun playing games online but don’t have your desktop near you, just take out your mobile phone and play the game virtually anywhere and at anytime!

You can try our online roulette and stand a chance to win big. We offer instant rewards and a chance to win real money. Apart from these, we offer extra prizes and perks to be won. So what are you waiting for? Just join us and play online roulette in a safe and secure way! Play at Mail Casino with awesome with amazing welcome deals!

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